How long after removal of the implannon are you unable to conceive?

By | December 27, 2013

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How long after implannon removal are you infertile for? Or is it pretty much an imidiate chance of falling pregnant as soon as its out?

I got mine removed today after having it in for a year because my fiancé and I want to start trying for a baby..

I got mine out in January to start trying. My Dr told me that normal levels of fertility would return within a week. What she didn't say was that my cycles would go crazy. I've had 54 & 49 day gaps between each period. Only now, 6 months on am I down to 39 days between. Hopefully you will conceive very quickly but keep an eye on your cycles & try to track them if u can. I'm currently on my 2 week wait to see if I've finally conceived this month!! Myself & my Husband already have 2 children who were conceived quite quickly so I suppose we just assumed we would again but here we are 6 months on! It's so frustrating!! I will keep my fingers crossed for you 🙂

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