How Much Does A Tattoo Cost Per Hour

By | June 21, 2015

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Chances are that someone has asked about how much their idea cost, how much they cost you, or the worst How much does a full sleeve tattoo (from wrist to Hell, fast food workers are demanding that much per hour to do their mindless job. That’s just a baseline example, it

$50 to $300 per hour for a custom tattoo + tip. These days, whether you’re in a big city, small town, the suburbs, or a shopping mall, it’s pretty easy to find a tattoo studio, And most of all, what will it cost? Safety First.

Do you want color? How detailed do you want the Celtic cross? Cost on a tat is all about how much time the needle is on your skin. I'm with Vanessa. Seattle Tattoo Expo is during the summer. the price does depend on whether you are willing to put aside 125 bucks an hour for a real,

Best Answer: First thing you need to know when you want to know the price for a tattoo is the name of the tattoo artist. The prices are different for every tattoo artist (the better the artist or his/her name :))) = the bigger the price). Tattoo artists usually price this way: they

How much roughly do tattoo artists in New York charge per hour? & How much would it cost to get a nautical star with a bit of shading around it How much roughly do tattoo artists in New York charge per hour? & Does anyone know Tattoo Prices?

Best Answer: it really depends, the more you want to pay, the better the tattoo would be (it wouldnt look faded so quickly) and the less you want to pay, the crapper it would look. and they cost you per an hour.

I want to know how much they cost counting on size. From a star to a back peice. Adn How much would it cost to get in diffrent. $150 per hour. I got my first tattoo back when he did smaller tattoos (6 years ago) and it cost me $80,

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$50 to $100 for an average tattoo + tip $50 to $300 per hour for a custom tattoo + tip. Additional Costs Or Discounts. Let’s say you find a competent tattooist, decide on a tattoo, and you’re given a cost estimate.

Do you think you can get a shoulder to elbow tattoo that doesn't wrap around for $400? any personal experience would be great

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