How to choose between 3 different tattoo designs?

By | January 11, 2014

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I have 3 tattoo designs that I have been in love with for such a long time but Im indecisive and cant choose which one to get as my first tattoo. I'm a girl and Ill be 21 in a few months.

When I'm faced with this sort of issue, I try to think of a way to combine them.

For instance, if your three designs were a tiger, a yin yang, and a heart, you could have two tigers forming a yin yang with hearts instead of dots.

Of course, if you cannot draw this would mean getting your tattoo artist to commission the piece for you… and some designs and symbols/concepts can be more difficult to combine than others.


Other than that, if they're all equally as meaningful to you you (since others have said to choose the one with the most meaning) you might try getting the one whose location you are most sure about. Or the one whose location will age the best, since it will be your oldest tattoo. Or perhaps the least complex one, just so you know what to expect when you go in for the next.

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