How to Choose the Perfect Memorial Tattoo Design

By | January 11, 2014

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Memorial tattoos are a popular, and perfect, way to remember something important. It is a permanent mark to represent something or someone unforgettable. Choosing the best memorial tattoo design is a difficult task and should not be taken lightly. Consider these ideas when creating your design.

What memorial tattoos can commemorate:

Most people assume a memorial tattoo should be about a loved one who has passed away. While that is an excellent reason to get one, there are more options. You can get a memorial tattoo to represent a lost pet. How about a day or moment in your life that you never want to forget and photographs just don’t do it justice? Sometimes painful moments need to be remembered, too.

When should you get a memorial tattoo?

Tattoo of loved ones lost: It is best to wait to get the tattoo when the grief is a bit easier to bear. Your mind will be clouded and you might not choose the best choice for a design. The experience needs to be a joyful one, where you can reflect on memories and smile. After a few months have passed, at least, your memories will be vivid still and you will have an easier time wading through them to find the perfect tattoo design.

Tattoo of places and moments in time: If you want a tattoo to remember a moment or place you should get it while memories are still fresh and emotions of the time are still reeling in your mind. The sooner the better with these tattoos.

How to choose a memorial tattoo for loved ones lost:

You want to choose a design that celebrates his or her life and not something that brings up grief. You should be able to look at the tattoo and smile. Some of the most common memorial tattoos designs are really the kind you should avoid. Stay away from birth and death dates, portraits, “In Loving Memory” and other tattoo designs that bring up a sad memory. Also, people will see them and immediately ask what happened, forcing you to answer a difficult question.

Instead, choose something that embodies who they are. Make a list of anything and everything that makes you think of the loved and smile. It can be the things that they loved, their hobbies, their goals or dreams, or something they used to do that always made you laugh. Narrow down the list, choosing one or a few of the items. Put them together to create a design. This type of design keeps the sad tale a secret unless you wish to share it. It won’t look like an obvious memorial tattoo. It will also be one of a kind.

How to choose a memorial tattoo of a place or moment:

These designs are easier. Again, you might want to avoid dates, names of people or places. Tattoo designs are at their best when with vibrant pictures or collages. Instead, think of a landmark of the place that is most important to you or that will easily trigger the memory. It could be a building, tree, beach or monument, or any landmark that holds importance. Add to the tattoo design objects that represent a specific moment.


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