How To Decide What To Get For Your First Tattoo

By | January 13, 2014

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Getting your first tattoo is a decision most people ponder on. The best answer is; something about you as a person. Tattoos are representations of something important in your life.

Many military personnel will get tattoos representing the branch of service they are in or their unit number or nickname. This is a sign of pride and bravery for many. A sign of love can be the name of your mate, the dates of your children’s births, a tattoo representing a loved one who has passed and even a characture of someone special in your life.

When tattoos began, they were used to illustrate a group that a specific person is a member of. Tattoos were used to show bravery and pride. Nowadays, a lot of people are designing their own tattoos for their “exclusive” version of pride, love and bravery.

In deciding to get a tattoo, before going to get the tattoo, one must first decide on the design. It doesn’t mean that you must pick a particular tattoo, but at least an idea of what you would like on its design. Having a name tattooed anywhere on your body is not a good idea at all. As the saying goes, “lovers may come and lovers may go but a tattoo is forever!” It might not be true nowadays than it was before with the increasing popularity of laser surgery, but these tattoos are intended to be permanent.

Before selecting what to get, imagine about significant events in your life and how you would want it represented. Starting out with a small tattoo is always a great idea so in case if you don’t like it, you can always have it covered by a larger tattoo.

Consult a tattoo artist. This is a good idea for first time tattoos as well. They can help you decide what to get and where to get it. Tattoo artists do this for a living and most know what they are doing in terms of permanent designs.

Tattoos for example cartoon characters, movie characters; themed as well as tribal tattoos are only considered for the serious. These tattoo designs are slow and expensive. Your chosen tattoo must represent yourself, your likes or may represent your life.

In getting your first tattoo, there is no right or wrong about it but your must remind yourself that each tattoo says a story about an event in your life that is significant to you.

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