How to Find a Good Permanent Makeup or Cosmetic Tattoo Artist

By | January 10, 2014

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Permanent makeup can look natural, enhance appearance, and save time putting on makeup. It can also end up a disaster if not done well. There are many techs that put up a sign and are ready to go and there are others who put in years of practice and attend seminars and are also ready to go. Who to choose? What criteria is important and what is just smoke?

A Sterile Workplace for Tattooing Cosmetic Makeup

This is crucial. No matter how beautiful the job, if wounds don’t heal or boils appear, it’s a disaster and more. A sterile environment is one in which clean gloves are worn for each procedure. Sterile needles are opened in front of the client. The machine or tool is protected from blood and back flow by either changing parts or sterile plastic sitting over it. The chair or table is covered with a clean cloth (not turned over on its back with each new person). Some states require a Department of Health Certificate, check for it. An occupational license is also needed. Biomedical waste containers and removal are part of the procedure. Basement tattooing isn’t a good idea. On the other hand, just because the site is in an office, doesn’t mean it’s clean and sterile. Check out the place not the titles over the door of nonexistent people.

Cosmetic Tattooing Permanent Makeup Artist Qualifications

There are no licensed techs in Permanent Makeup. There are certificates. There are schools, not all of which are licensed. Beware of titles that sound impressive but don’t mean anything. Some people learn in a 40-hour class to do the procedure; others learn after they have their RN license or esthetician certificate. Some go to lengthy courses and keep up with new techniques. Some are qualified makeup artists and some are nail techs. Usually after 10 years on the job or over 1000 clients, all may be equally experienced. Until that time, there is a learning curve on how to handle a needle or clean blood from a site or correct a mistake.

Permanent makeup is an art in itself and the best make up artist may not be as good to wield a needle around the eye as the seasoned cosmetic permanent makeup technician. Colors need to be created from pigments that appear changed under the veil of skin. This is different than placing makeup colors on intact skin. Look for certificates in permanent makeup training and advanced seminars as well as certificates in other fields. Check out how long in practice and the number of clients seen. Someone who works one day a week for 5 years may not have the experience of someone who works daily for 3 years. Likewise those who have been in a people type of service previously are more relaxed around the skin of a face than someone who has never touched any face but her own. The Society of Permanent Makeup Professionals has a national certification program as do some other groups. Do check out the individual experience and skill.

The Office of the Permanent Cosmetic Makeup Technician

Some use part of a doctor’s office. This may make it seem more professional. Most doctors check out whom they hire. On the other hand, the technician may be renting the room and be a private business in that office or sharing space with some other arrangement. Sharing space does not mean one is aware of what the other is doing. Find out if the permanent makeup artist is an employee or business owner or partner. This fact is additionally important since employees may make less and expect a tip while those who own their business shouldn’t be tipped. The physician who may give referrals and who may over see the work isn’t a makeup tech who monitors the employee.

There should be a book of photos of before and after permanent makeup procedures. Sometimes the information is solely on the website. Check the close ups. Some technique can be modified to what the individual wants while other techniques may be that the artist solely does it this one way. Be sure the template on the face is what is desired permanently.

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