How to Get Rid of Skin Tags

By | February 17, 2014

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“Cassandra is a 25-year-old model. Recently she started noticing weird skin extensions in her armpits. Due to her profession, flaws are a big travesty. She noticed two in her left armpit and one behind her ear. More so, she even got one in her groin, which was simply a personal catastrophe. So she decided to go to a doctor. She was diagnosed with SKIN TAGS.”

Skin tags are the extra pieces of skin. They are mostly very low-profile as they don’t really hurt or affect day-to-day life, in any way. Skin tags are non cancerous and are very common. It would interest you to know that 46% of general population has reported incidences of skin tags.

In spite of the fact that they have a benign existence, their presence can, at times, be annoying. At such a time you wish for nothing else, than just to eliminate skin tags. So, let us see some easy home methods for removal of skin tags.

There are many ways in which you can remove skin tags. They are fairly simple. Nonetheless, do make sure you are playing absolutely safe. Keep an antiseptic close by.

Skin Tags Removal Methods

Method # 1

Cut it with a pair of sterilized scissors. In case the skin tag is small you could do it without the use of anesthesia. But, in case of slightly bigger ones, local anesthesia is recommended. In this method there is a possibility of minor bleeding.

Method # 2

You could also try freezing it. That does not mean that you put ice on it. But, actually using liquid nitrogen. Liquid nitrogen will instantly freeze it, after which the skin tag will easily break off. By this method, there could be freezing and the result is not guaranteed.

Method # 3

Electrolysis or electrosurgery is an option too. But, you will need an expert for this. The process uses an electric needle to destroy the skin tag growth, as well as any additional growth beneath the skin. There is a slight chance of scarring in this case.

Method # 4

Skin sanitizer, facial cleanser and natural sanitizer are also effective in removing skin tags. All you need to do is try soaking the skin tags in one of them, for a while. This method is not guaranteed to give results.

Method # 5

Another home remedy is to tie up the small tag stalk with a piece of thread or dental floss and allowing the tag to fall off over several days. This is a slow method and might be a little annoying.

Method # 6

There are several herbal medicines available to get rid of skin tags. You need to find out which one suits you better. The time and other factors regarding this method would depend from medicine to medicine.

In case you are skeptical about any of these methods not being applicable to you, visit a dermatologist. Get it diagnosed properly and treated under a skin care expert.

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