How to Get the Best Tattoo Designer for Your Next Tattoo

By | January 13, 2014

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Tattoos can speak a thousand words, and they are a popular form of making a statement among the younger generation. Do most tattoo enthusiasts get more than one tattoo on their body? Sometimes! Are tattoos an addiction? No, it is just a way of expressing more than one opinion. So, if you already have one why not have your next tattoo done by the same tattoo designer? You could, but it is like shopping; you want to get the best designer of them all. How can you get the best tattoo designer for your next tattoo? Here are some guides to help you in your hunt.

Word of mouth

In the world of tattoo art, word of mouth is important. Most often than not a tattoo artist is recommended by friends and acquaintances. Consulting friends who have their own tattoos could lead you to a designer who gives quality work. Your friends would not recommend an artist who did a sloppy job on their own tattoo. So, sometimes it is good to rely on your friends’ advice.

Track Record

As with any service or profession, you like to get feedback and know their work history. The best tattoo designer is someone who has an impeccable track record. You could go online and browse tattoo websites which give feedback and comments for a particular tattoo artist. You could also get an insight about their work by looking through their portfolio displayed on the site.

Tattoo Parlors

One way to find a good tattoo designer is to visit their working area. This way you do not only get a glimpse of their displayed work, but you can also check their facilities and how they work. The best tattoo artists practice good hygiene and sanitation to avoid the spread of diseases. The artist should also have knowledge of different tattoo styles. However, it is better to find out a tattoo artist’s specialty, so he or she can provide the best possible tattoo image for you.


A tattoo designer talks to his or her client. Their priority is to make sure that a client is satisfied with their artwork, so they are open to inquiries and suggestions. For your part, you must provide specific details of the design that you want. Tattoo designers also provide a sketch based on the details you give them. In this way you can measure their competency in following your instructions, and also gauge their knowledge.

Going Online

The internet serves as a great source of information. You could go browse the web for sites that feature tattoo artists and their works. You could go to tattoo galleries which have their own resident tattoo designers and get your custom tattoo design from them. You could also browse the web for tattoo design marketplaces which feature custom tattoo designs from different artists on various styles or themes.

In addition, some sites stage custom design tattoo contests which are hosted by prospective clients who want to find the best tattoo designer to make their custom tattoo based on their specifications.

These contests provide feedback on the work of the artist; you could check out this feedback and find out who the winners are. This contest makes it a lot easier to search for the most fitting designer for you, since they will be the one to offer their services. It is just a matter of time before you find the best tattoo designer from every corner of the globe in an inexpensive way.

Finally, you could join web tattoo forums to have the opportunity to talk with other tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo designers. In this way, you could get various referrals and meet artists from all over the globe.

To end, looking for the best artist for your next tattoo offers a whole lot of possibilities. Now, your search is not just limited to tattoo designers within your community. You could find them in all corners of the world. Good luck in searching!

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