How To Select A Design For Your First Tattoo

By | February 5, 2014

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As an avid fan and collector of tattoos, I am often asked for advice from friends and strangers alike how I come up with the designs for the tattoos I get. More importantly, I’m asked how they can select a tattoo for themselves. Many times these questions come from people who haven’t yet got their first tattoo.

Tattoos mean so many different things to different people. Some people get a tattoo to mark a certain period or milestone in their life or career. For example, the band The Dixie Chicks each get a baby-chick foot print on their feet to mark significant achievements.

Other people simply head down to the local tattoo shop with no idea what they are going to get, select a design from a book or off the shop wall and walk out an hour later with their new tattoo.

The advice I give to everybody who is ready to get their first tattoo is to consider the fact that you may end up wanting more tattoos in the future. If this happens, how well will the tattoo you plan to get today incorporate with another tattoo in roughly the same location? Will the tattoo you get be able to be added on to in order to create a larger themed tattoo down the line if you chose to do it at a later date?

Many first timers are also intimidated by the fear of the pain involved. Because of these they select a design that is much smaller in size in order to minimize the time it takes to complete the tattoo. This is a mistake that I’ve seen hundreds of times. Be careful not to choose a design the size of a quarter and then place it on a spot where you may one day like to receive a much larger tattoo. This will help you avoid the need to worry about working around or covering up previous work when you decide to get a much larger piece.

Finally, the best advice I can tell you is to look through as many tattoo designs as you can get your hands on in order to come with a tattoo that you are going to be happy with for a long time! Remember, tattoos are permanent.

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