In Loving Memory Tattoos – Memorializing a Cherished Spirit

By | February 5, 2014

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Inking oneself with an In Loving Memory Tattoo is most certainly an honorable way to pay homage to a loved one. The amount of passion and emotion that goes into such a tattoo design is immense. A memory tattoo is a way of showing that you’ll “never forget”. Reasons vary when choosing such a passionate tattoo design. What’s your reason?

  • To remember a loved family member
  • To immortalize a beloved friend
  • To pay tribute to an adored pet

For some, memorabilia such as pictures or letters is not enough to keep a cherished spirit alive. There is almost no other better way to keep a loved one close than to ink oneself with a representation of the adored being. Thoughts and memories tend to fade with time. This is why having a tangible reminder, such as an In Loving Memory Tattoo, is sometimes the only way to move forward.

Have you thought about where to put your In Loving Memory Tattoo? When deciding on a location for your new tattoo design some thought need to be taken in regards to the body part location. By choosing your desired placement first will then allow you to zero in on other factors such as size and personalized details. Ask yourself the following questions when choosing your tattoo locality.

Do you want it easily viewable to yourself and others?

You may want to keep your new memory tattoo semi-private. Consider locations such as the inside of your arm or wrist. Anywhere under clothing is another good location for keeping it private.

Do you have to have it covered up when at work?

If work is an issue, think about your chest or shoulder area. Arms and shoulders will work as long as their covered while at work.

How large of a tattoo design do you have in mind?

You may want a smaller discrete design that includes personalization such as initials or short poem verse. In you feel you need a majestic design you may think about a portrait of the dearly loved, which of course will require more ink-able skin.

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