Irish Symbols for Tattoos

By | January 20, 2014

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Symbolic Irish tattoos are a great way of displaying one’s heritage and as a result they have gained a lot of prominence recently. Tattoos and symbolism have shared a deep intertwined history with each other, and over the course of time they have come to be synonymous with each other. Text tattoos and drawings will always be a firm favorite amongst tattoo lovers, but symbolism represents a deeper understanding of this artistic expression.

Celtic art and culture has a lot of folklore and myths entrenched in it, and this has provided a very large base to choose from for those who are interested in it. A lot of variations can be applied to Irish symbol tattoos, and this has aided in the rapid growth of popularity of these mystical designs.

Celtic Irish Tattoos

The Celtic knot is one of the most captivating forms of Celtic tattoo designs that one can find, and these intricate and seemingly endless patterns can be formed to mean anything that the individual desires. Different shapes represent different ideologies, and a minor alteration here and there can change the entire message of the tattoo. Apart from the obvious symbolism of these Irish Gaelic symbol tattoos, these designs are very pretty in appearance and can hold one’s attention for a relatively long period of time.

Religious and patriotic sentiments can also be represented by most symbols, as the Irish culture passed down most of their heritage and history on an oral and pictorial basis. The Celts were an extremely superstitious lot, but this never got in the way of them possessing detailed knowledge about astronomy and highly intricate philosophical teachings. There are very little written records of the Celts before they got in contact with the Greeks and the Romans, and this has added to the alluring nature of the Irish Celtic symbols that they have passed down through the generations.

The early generations of the Celts focused a lot on displaying their art and designs on the many metallic objects that they used. Almost all their weapons, Celtic jewelry, pots and figurines carried some intricate patterns that have now become popular as Irish symbol tattoos. A lot of these designs were laced with entangled patterns, spirals, elaborate Celtic knotwork, color and visible animal zoomorphics. Modern-day symbols have taken a lot of their ideas from these engravings and have given them to the world.

There are a multitude of Irish symbols that can be used as tattoo designs, and none of them are more popular in a patriotic sense than the Irish flag. The Irish flag contains three colors in equal vertical bands and each of these colors signifies something relevant to the history of the culture. There has been a rapid rise in the popularity of Irish flag tattoos recently and this is a great way of displaying one’s love for the country and the culture.

Irish tattoos also make use of a lot of mythical characters like leprechauns and dragons. Celtic harp tattoos,Celtic tree of life tattoos and Celtic motherhood tattoos are just some of the designs that Celtic artwork has embraced over the centuries. Irish cross tattoos and Irish claddagh tattoos are also extremely popular and carry a lot of symbolic expressions with them. All these designs can be altered by any individual to express their personal opinion on the subject, so there is a lot of originality seen in them.

The idea behind a tattoo is to express something that is on one’s mind and that one has firm faith in. Going back to the history and heritage of one’s culture is a very personalized way of displaying one’s territorial sense. As a result of this, Irish tattoos will always continue to be a firm favorite in the minds of people not just looking for an attractive design, but for those who wish to pay a tribute to their Irish roots as well.

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