Is A Tattoo Touch Up Normal?

By | February 14, 2014

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Okay well I recently got 2 tattoo's done (5 day ago) ; And from the looks of it , One of them is doing alot of scabbin , Is this normal? And as for the actual tattoo ; When some of the scab's naturally come off ; The section where the scab was ; Some of the ink is faded , Is this normal? Will I have to go back to the tattoo shop to get a “Touch Up” Where they fill in he spots that are a bit faded? Help Please And Thanks . (:

do not use vaseline! no good for tatts!! use something like bepantan nappy rash cream keep it moist, dont pick the scabs and wait a couple of weeks after all the scabs fall off. a Tatt often looks a bit faded till new skin grows properly over it. then if there is spots that have lost ink go back to the shop…most good tattooists will guarentee their work and do a free touch up if its necessary! it often happens is generally not the fault of the tattooist or of you…just happens some times …inevitably some scabs will get knocked off….. just dont go into the shop acting like its the artists fault…one sure way to piss them off!!! is it a solid black coulored tattoo; it seems quite common in these tatts…maybe they scab very heavily or something!?

good luck///take care of that new ink!

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