is it hard to become a tattoo artist?

By | January 12, 2014

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I really would like to get into the tattoo industry. I have many tattoos but i would like to begin tattooing. I don't have much experience at it and really cant draw that well. I mean from cartoonish figures that's about it. My question is: Is it hard to tattoo if you have absolutely no experience??

(Tattoo artist answer's preferably)

I'd imagine it's just how much you practice and what you're good at drawing. Other than that, you have to be qualified to do tattoos too- ya know, knowing the equipment, different inks, etcetera. I'm not too hot on realistic drawing unless it's all done shaded in pencil, but I'm pretty good at drawing tribal designs- I'm always doodling these intricate hand tattoos in class with a ballpoint pen. If you become a tattoo artist, I'd imagine people will ask you to do custom tattoos a lot- so be creative. Or, if someone already has a tattoo in mind, you're going to need to be able to copy it. Practice copying tattoos you like (I'd start with tribal ones, really, they're easy and look cool) with a ballpoint pen, and see how you do. Try to match the pictures as closely as possible- look at length in relation to width, size in relation to other parts of the tattoo, etcetera. Try to do it without “erasing” or rubbing off any lines- if you're doing a real tattoo, you can't say “Oops!” and magically suck the ink back out of someone's skin! Just stick to what you're comfortable with.

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