Is My Tattoo Infected

By | June 4, 2015

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If you think your tattoo (or piercing) might be infected, don't sit around waiting for it to get worse! Signs of infection are severe pain, hot redness, swelling and/or a puss.

Your infected tattoo is not the responsibility of the tattoo artist or studio. Technically, the studio was only responsible for what happened while you were being tattooed and they have no obligation to fix or re-do your tattoo.

An infection may be present if any of the following symptoms are present after getting your tattoo: Increased pain ; Major Swelling ; Large amounts of redness

Caring for a tattoo. Most minor swelling and redness (inflammation) from a tattoo can be treated at home. If your tattoo artist gave you instructions, follow them carefully.

Contacting your tattoo artist so they may confirm whether or not your tattoo is infected and ways to combat the infection is a good idea, although the best way to deal with an infection is by calling you physician,

Best Answer: Here is how to properly care for a tattoo start doing this immediately: 1.) Wash the tattoo with non-scented antibacterial soap 2-3 times a day for 5-10 days. 2.) After washing your tattoo, apply a thin layer of Vitamin A & D ointment. You can also choose to use H2Ocean

Is my tattoo infected? Last month I started getting a half-sleeve to cover up an existing tribal armband. After the last session in which he is beginning to tattoo over the last tattoo, I noticed one section has not been healing well. It is

I got my tattoo done 2 or 3 days ago. a part of my tattoo is disculord, it is a browny coulour but the ink underneef it is black, the area feels tacky and can be wiped away from my tattoo almost like a trekal texture. can anyon tell me i it is infected or not? this is my 6 tattoo

I have a tattoo that got infected, thank god, i noticed and went back to the artist for an opinion. Thank god the only reason it got infected was because i used poly after the tattoo was healing, so it made it moist.

This was done two days before this vid > Wiki Answers > Categories > Health > Tattoos and Body Art > Why is my tattoo red and swollen? In Tattoos and Body Art. Why is my tattoo red and swollen? . Axel117. Answered Last. Is If it has been more than 1 month, it might be infected.

Best Answer: I am almost posatuvr it's getting infected. You need go go to a different tattoo shop that's really reputable and see what they sAy then possibly a doctor so the infection doesn't spread.. Not to scare you but I really think y ou need to get it checked

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