Is My Tattoo Too Deep

By | June 7, 2015

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My small wrist tattoo has been treated 8 times, is the ink too deep to be removed? I've had my small wrist tattoo treated 8 times, but the outline is still present (grey looking). I really want to get rid of my tattoo but I’m afraid of the pain. Does laser tattoo removal hurt?

Hi, I got my tattoo done 8/28/2008. The ink is now bleeding into other parts of my skin and there are several "pits" in the design. There was several deep scabs and even portion that was infected.

tattoo, tattoos, tattooing: Kaleb, The straight and simple answer to all of your questions is YES! Yes; You would know if a tattoo went into the hypodermic layers because the skin would become abrassed and cut. Yes; Signs and symptoms are easy to discern as the tattoo will heavily

QUESTION: Hi I have a question about my tattoo that I got two weeks ago. I think it was overworked and too deep (not sure if that is the same thing).

My tattoo artist went too deep and now it s scared. Can tattoo needle do damage if its to deep? Can a tattoo artist cut a nerve? Ow do you know your tattoo is too deep

How deep does the needle of a tattoo machine penatrate the skin? Also how far is the needle suppost to come out the end of the tube that it travels through? Can you get poisoned if you go in too deep and it starts bleeding? even if the ink isn't toxic

There are a few things you can do to minimize tattoo scarring: the first, and most important thing is to only use a licensed wise GEEK Occasionally, a tattoo artist can go too deep into the skin which in turn can cause scarring to occur.

Ok so most of today the scabbing on my tattoo has been coming off (no, a scabbing tattoo does not necessarily mean the artist went "too deep" OR that you didn't properly care for the tattoo afterwards. Depending on where your tattoo is,

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Once sported only by sailors, outlaws, and biker gangs, tattoos are now popular body decorations for many people. And it's not just anchors, skulls, but not going deep enough will produce a ragged tattoo, and going too deep can cause bleeding and intense pain.

Tonight while I was getting ready for bed I ran my fingers over my tattoo and noticed that some parts of it are raised The tattoo on my shoulder gets raised up sometimes, the guy who i've seen some tattoos that are almost 3 dimensional because the artist went a little too deep,

I have tattoos that were dug too deep and are now scarred. Does laser removal take the scar away? I just got a tattoo on my ribcage that isn't very big. It is outlined in black ink and only shaded a bit inside. Very minimal color to it.

When done properly on healthy skin, tattooing should cause no perceptible scars. However, if the artist tattoos too deep, or works the skin too hard, tattoo scarring can easily occur.

Dangerous Tattoo Removal Methods You Should Consider with Caution Tattoo removal is quite a complex procedure. There are new methods appearing all the time, with latest methods offering an injection of a cream.

I had my tattoo on the bottom of my back about 2 years ago.and it is not smooth its lumpy all over and it does itch sometimes i jusr woundering why it is lumpy my meaning the artist went too deep or it got bumped real good and tore some of teh tat while healing. Kit · 7 years ago

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