Kids' Crayola Sidewalk Chalk Drawing Ideas

By | December 29, 2013

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Sidewalk chalk can be used to create many great activities for kids. Although Crayola puts out some good sidewalk chalk, less popular brands can be found at dollar type stores. What’s important is to have a variety of colors that children can choose from.

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Hopscotch Designs

Use sidewalk chalk to create some fun hopscotch designs. Instead of standard designs, consider something different like a turtle, teddy bear, football, or anything else that happens to hold a special interest to the child. Think of the idea together, then help the child draw out the hopscotch creation.

Sidewalk Chalk Art

Kids can express themselves by creating chalk designs on the sidewalk. The great thing about chalk is that it can easily be washed away. A fun challenge for kids is for a parent to set up the beginning of a picture, then have the child finish it.

Draw some random lines, semi circles, squares, etc, using different colors of chalk. Kids can now add to the designs to create a beautiful chalk masterpiece. For example, a box could be turned into a house, present, SpongeBob, or a large array of other objects. Also, let kids set up the same scenario for a parent and then the parent can finish the design.

Drawing with chalk can be a good way to help younger kids learn words. A child can draw a picture of a single object, then the parent writes the word that represents the picture underneath. This is a fun way to help kids learn how to read and spell.

Chalk art offers kids the opportunity to draw on a larger scale. Girls can create a new fairy or princess, while boys can create a new car or super hero. It’s all up to one’s imagination! Older kids can draw some scenery or have fun creating new cartoon characters.

Chalk Games

Many simple games can be played outside using chalk. Consider tic tac toe and hangman. For kids who can read and write fairly well, write out a phrase and have the kids write out as many words as possible they can make from the phrase using each letter one time only.

An example of this would be the phrase Independence Day. Some of the words found in this phrase are “in,” “depend,” “day,” “den,” etc. When playing a chalk game, be sure kids can be as creative as possible when drawing out the games, using a variety of colors.

Sidewalk chalk can be used in a variety of ways for both younger and older children to create some great art designs or games. While Crayola has some wonderful chalk, don’t dismiss other brands. The important thing is to keep it fun.

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