Laser Fat Removal

By | January 18, 2014

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When healthy diet and regular exercise no longer helps to reduce excess fat, people prefer the latest innovative method known as laser fat removal. The thighs, buttocks, abdomen (love handles) and the neck are the common areas where body fat gets accumulated in overweight people. Removing fatty deposits from a specific area such as the neck or stomach by following an exercise routine may take months but with laser fat removal, it is just a matter of few weeks.


This procedure to get rid of stubborn fat uses a suction device and a hollow tube also referred to as cannula. Initially, an anesthetic agent is administered to make the area insensitive. The cannula is then introduced into the area of the body, from where fat is to be removed. As the cannula is a very small hollow tube, the incision made to the skin in order to insert the tube is also tiny. In laser assisted liposuction, an Nd:YAG laser is passed through the cannula. The fatty tissues of the area cannot withstand the bombardment of the laser. As a result, it leads to breakdown of fat cells, eventually rupturing the fatty tissues. The laser actually liquefies these fatty deposits which are then taken out of the body, using a suction device. The laser tightens the tissues, thus giving the affected area a better appearance. There may be slight bleeding and bruising due to incision, which is normal and not a cause for worry. Once the procedure is over, one can resume his daily routine within a few days.

Laser Fat Removal Without Surgery

Although laser is used to get rid of stubborn fat, no incisions are made to allow the laser to penetrate into the skin. Here, cold lasers of a specific wavelength are targeted on the fat areas of the body. This is done by placing paddles on the specified area. These paddles are set to emit specific wavelengths of light, that pass through the upper layer of the skin and make contact with the fatty deposits below it. The energy of these cold lasers, melts these fatty tissues and turns them into a liquid oily substance, which is then naturally eliminated by the body. The lymphatic system of the body ensures that the liquid, which is nothing but excess fat, is drained completely without causing any side effects.

Zerona Laser

When it comes to cold laser treatment, one can always trust FDA approved Zerona laser for removing fat. The device emits low wavelength beams that puncture the targeted fat cells without damaging the blood vessels or the tissues that are in the close proximity of the cells. This causes the fat cells to release their cellular content, which is subsequently flushed off from the body. The key advantage is that one can get rid of up to 9 inches of stubborn fat by attending just few sessions of Zerona laser. However, the results may vary for both men and women. In fact, men may require more sessions to lose noticeable amount of fat. As far as cost is concerned, 6 sessions of Zerona laser will require around $3000. This technique is virtually free from side effects and moreover one can get back to his day-to-day routine immediately after every session.

Procedure: One has to simply lie below the device with the targeted area exposed to the laser beam. The laser is then moved over the treatment site (which are usually the abdomen, thighs and the hip area) for a period of 20 minutes. The patient is then instructed to lie on the stomach and the laser is then reapplied for another 20 minutes on the back side. This session of 40 minutes is then repeated 6 times over a period of 14 days. Thus, with Zerona, you are likely to see your figure visibly improved after just 2 weeks. With no pain whatsoever during this procedure, patients can listen to music from their iPods even as the laser beam continues to blast off the fat cells from the targeted area.

Are the Results Long-Lasting?

Well, it totally depends on how you lead your lifestyle after attending sessions of liposuction or Zerona laser. Increase in weight resulting from obese lifestyle will cause the love handles to return within no time. In other words, those fat deposits that you had lost will soon come back, thereby making you look like a couch potato. So, if you want to maintain that sculpted and aesthetically pleasing appearance, it is imperative to follow an exercise routine diligently and a diet free from junk and fatty foods.

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