Laser Hair Removal, What to Expect During & After Your Procedure

By | January 2, 2014

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During & After Your Procedure

Some people are a little fearful of having laser hair removal—they’re worried about how much it will hurt. This mainly comes from not knowing what happens before and after you have the procedure done.

When you go in for your consultation, a test will be run on a patch of the hair in the area you want the laser hair removal treatment to occur. This is to make sure you can have the treatment, how many sessions it will take and the cost.

On your next visit, the permanent body hair removal process begins. First, you’ll slip on a pair of goggles. The doctor or nurse performing the procedure holds a laser to your skin. There’s a cooling device or gel that is used to protect your skin. You might feel a slight stinging sensation, but other than that you shouldn’t feel much. Depending on what area you want permanent hair reduction on and how big it is, will determine how long the process will take to complete.

There’s no hospitalization, night time stay-overs or bandages required. You just walk right out of the spa after the process is completed. There could be some swelling or redness first few hours and a slighting stinging the first day or two.

Protect your investment and take the proper steps to ensure you heal properly and get the best results with these effective aftercare tips:

> Apply a hydrating anti-redness cream. Topical corticosteroid creams, 1% hydrocortisone and aloe vera are recommended—check with your spa or doctor for their recommendation.

> Avoid exposure to the sun as much as possible. If you have to go in sun, use a sunscreen with an SPF of 25 or more.

> Do not shave—you can gently use a washcloth or loofah to help shed the hair.

> Don’t bleach, wax, pluck or tweeze—it will irritate your skin.

> Avoid deodorant for at least 48 hours, if you’ve had laser hair removal under your arms. Avoiding exercise—perspiration can irritate the area.

> Stay away from saunas and steam baths until your skin’s appearance has returned to normal.

Visit tour doctor for a follow-up after the procedure so they can check your progress, look at skin reactions and to ensure the best results.

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