Laser Tattoo Removal Before And After

By | January 4, 2014

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People who had a tattoo done in their youth have a tendency to use the laser tattoo removal. However, it has been viewed now as outdated or as detrimental to a person’s career. There is some tendency among former gang members to have their gang tattoo’s removed and some other areas are having free removal services for such cases. Whatever reason you may have in removing your tattoo, the laser tattoo removal procedures are the most common as well as the most effective method for eliminating ink, but they are the most expensive techniques also. You may have seen some creams marketed to remove tattoos. But some of them are still being investigated for effectiveness and ends with not enough evidence. Also, laser tattoo removal is much more expensive than any home products which are cheaper and works well.

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Before laser tattoo removal, your skin will still have to be evaluated as to condition and color in relation to ink color so that the best type of laser light delivery will be determined. You will be given protective eyewear to cover or shield your eyes from the laser light. Your doctor may recommend oral pain medication such as Tylenol and a topical anesthetic cream for an hour or two before treatment. The laser device fragments the ink with short pulses of intense concentrated laser light. Different laser lights are used for different ink colors. Black ink is easiest to remove, because black absorbs the full spectrum of light, while green, blue, red, and other colors require more targeted laser pulses. When passing the surface of your skin, the light is being absorbed by the tattooed pigments that cause them to break into small particles. Your body’s immune system then removes the fragmented tattooed particles. However, it is more difficult to remove your tattoos when it is in the hands and feet where there is less circulation.

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After the procedure, you will be given some anti-bacterial ointment as well as bandaging on the treated area. Your doctor will instruct you to keep the treated area elevated to avoid swelling and also to avoid the sun. You may feel a slight sunburn sensation in just a couple of days and have redness for a few weeks.

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