Laser Tattoo Removal in the St. Louis Area

By | December 27, 2013

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Getting a tattoo can be a tough choice for some. Getting it removed can be an even tougher one. After all, you spend time getting it designed, go through the pain of having it impacted onto your skin, and now – for whatever reason – that same design needs to come off. When it comes to tattoo removal in the St. Louis, Missouri area there are numerous options.

Vein & Skin Care Institute, located at 13351 Olive Street Road, in Chesterfield, offers a complete range of laser tattoo removal. They advertise everything from lightening and partial removal to full removal; all done in a warm and caring atmosphere that puts patients first. They offer regular seminars and training sessions for those interested in tattoo removal but who desire to learn more. Dr. Bill Goldstein and his staff are available at 314-205-8020.

Metropolitan Cosmetic Laser Center is the place to go for all types of non-surgical procedures involving laser technology. They use the latest Q-switched equipment to give the client a completely satisfying experience. Their office, located at 12670 Lamplighter Square Plaza, St Louis; can take care of all aspects of any laser tattoo removal procedure. They offer specials on a recurring basis, so call the team at Metropolitan today, 314-482-5600; they are open six days a week with more times by appointment.

Vanishing Point, at 8601 Olive Blvd in St Louis also offers laser tattoo removal for those who desire it. Vanishing Point offers some of the latest technology at some of the best prices around. While not a traditional ‘spa’ the staff knows their stuff, is certified and comes highly recommended. They can be reached at 314-971-5297 and should be able to help anyone looking to have a tattoo removed.

For whatever reason someone gets a tattoo, when the time comes to get it removed – the choices can be vast and sometimes confusing. The three agencies listed above are among the most qualified, best priced and longest running in St Louis. Certified by the proper agencies and are ready to assist anyone who desires to have their tattoo removed by laser technology; any shop above will more then meet the needs of permanent, nearly pain-free tattoo removal.

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