Latest in Tattoos: Tiny Tats a New Fashion Trend Designed to Last

By | January 10, 2014

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Popular singer Rihanna has a star cluster on her neck, actress Megan Fox sports her moon and starfish on her ankle and Jessica Alba rocks her little lady bug on her back. Famous people show off their body art, but tiny tats aren’t just for the music and film superstars. Regular folks, who admire the stars, emulate the look and create their own designs that best reflect their personalities. Or is it the other way around? Perhaps it’s the superstars who keep up with the trend of the masses to stay current? Either way, a tattoo wearer should chose wisely. Pick a design or symbol that is still relevant when the trend ends.

Different Tattoo Wearer Types

There are people who wear their tattoos like clothing, full arm “sleeves” and cover their legs with artwork. On the other end of the spectrum, there are individuals that consider tattoos taboo and believe they defile the body. Tiny tat wearers are in the middle in terms of their take on ink. Some who ordinarily may not consider large tats in good taste make exceptions for smaller decorative body art.

Concealable tattoos are a more modest approach to body adornment, but tiny doesn’t always have to mean conservative. For those who appreciate a racier look, small tats can be placed strategically on areas that get noticed without over embellishment. Noticeable places like the neck, the hand, wrist, shoulder or back all serve the purpose of revealing a sexier and wilder side without covering massive areas of skin with artificial color.

Make it Easy to Commit to a Tattoo with No Regret

Getting a tattoo involves a monetary investment and a person’s commitment to a part of his or her body experiencing an altered state of semi-permanency. Tattoos have traditionally been seen as permanent markings; particularly because they are embedded slightly below the skin’s surface. However, they can now be viewed as removable due to laser removal and products that claim to erase mistakes. Tattoo wearers can undo what they have done if necessary. But they won’t have to if they make their selection one they can appreciate years later.

If an individual is going to spend the money, the time, and take the pain, he or she might as well choose something that represents him or herself. It is important to select something that reflects personality or beliefs. It is helpful to pick something abstract because as people change, their mindsets adjust accordingly. “I heart Paco” may not reflect a soon-to-be bride’s sentiments when walking down the aisle with Quincy. On the other hand, a spiral may represent a life spiraling out of control one year and the cycle of life the next.

Choose a Tattoo that Outlasts Trends

Picking a tattoo to remain attached to is the key to being happy with the decision long term. A person being attached to the tat rather than seeing the tat as being attached to the person, makes all the difference. Whether the decision to get a tiny tattoo is made based on what the media depicts or personal self expression doesn’t matter, being content with the decision to be a part of the trend and beyond– is essential to wearing ink proudly. Choosing something that will stand the test of ever changing fashion fads is a tattoo wearer’s best bet. Individuals should select a tat that will outlast the trend or try henna.


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