Latest Technology For Permanent Hair Removal

By | January 5, 2014

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The demand for “intense pulse light” (IPL) hair removal and laser hair removal treatments are at an all time high. This is not surprising considering that traditional hair removal such as shaving, electrolysis and waxing is painful and expensive. SHAVING is a daily nuisance. Electrolysis is effective, but since it only treats one hair follicle at a time, it is not practical for large areas and is extremely time-consuming. WAXING is painful and only a short-term solution.

Light based hair removal permanently reduces unwanted facial and body hair in fewer treatments and with more comfort than is possible with traditional procedures.

Lasers, although clinically effective, have skin limitations regarding skin color, hair color and hair thickness. Subsequent new technology developments led to new, groundbreaking “pulse light technology” that improved clinical outcome over a broader client base.

Our hair removal equipment at Paradise Laser Institute delivers specific wavelengths, with large spot sizes, superior contact cooling and smooth pulse technology for clients of all skin types, hair color and finer hair. We offer hair removal for unwanted hair from all areas of the body including the face, back, chest, leg, bikini line and underarm areas with great comfort and less downtime. At Paradise Laser hair removal safely removes unwanted body hair without damaging the delicate pores and structures of the skin.


1. How many laser hair removal treatments will I need?

Hair grows in cycles. The number of treatments required depends upon your skin color and coarseness of the hair. Everyone will require at least 4-6 treatments spaced every 4-6 weeks as the process is only effective on hair during the early growing cycle (anaphase). Repeated sessions will be necessary to treat these follicles when they re-enter the early growth phase.

2. How does the laser remove the hair?

The laser emits an invisible light that penetrates the skin without damaging it. Then it is absorbed by the pigments of the hair follicle. The laser light selectively absorbed by the follicle damages its functions and impairs its ability to fabricate hair. At the level of the pilous follicle, the laser light absorbed by the pigments is then transformed into heat that damages the hair but not the surrounding skin.

3. How safe is laser hair removal?

Laser hair removal is an effective and proven method. Laser can be used as a medical device since in can be exactly tuned according to each patient

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