Lotus Tattoo

By | February 15, 2014

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The lotus tattoo typically applies to various descriptions like the steps involved in the way it develops.


Could you picture just how the lotus flower incredibly grows coming from all the way down the pond?

Lotus develops like a modest flower from the bottom part of a pond and its particular vine slowly and gradually matures as it get the top of the pond.

As soon as the vine reaches up to the surface area of the pond and capture the sun daylight, the lotus starts to bloom and grow to be a gorgeous flower.

The way the lotus plants grow into an amazing flower regardless of just how it develops the lotus will turn out as an attractive flower which represents strength, energy, as well as existence.


The particular unique meaning of a lotus as a tattoo design and its particular attractiveness allow almost all of the tattoo artists to be incredibly creative.

Working with this kind of design and style they are able to very easily develop an extremely multi-colored and vibrant tattoos.

Lotus flower tattoos can also be for those who have experienced a tough time and therefore are today emerging from it.

Such as the lotus plant they’ve been in the dirt, yucky messy bottom part from the pond but currently have climbed over it.


Consequently the lotus flower tattoo can certainly stand for difficulty in life which has been get over.

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