Lower Back Celebrity Tribal Tattoo Designs

By | January 18, 2014

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Tattoos, of late, have become a style statement. Tribal tattoo designs have become popular, especially in the last 15 years or so. The tribal designs we see today have their origin in Borneo, Polynesia, the various Native American tribes, the Maoris, and the Celtic tribes. The Hawaiian tribal tattoos consist of geometric motifs, such as squares and rectangles, as well as animals. Sharks and lizards are popular Hawaiian tribal motifs.

Tribal tattoos are replete with unique designs that are tattooed on the shoulder, the armband, wrist, foot, forearm, lower back, and leg. The popular tribal designs are: star, frog, wolf, spider, eagle, butterfly, moon, and scorpion. The bull, heart, tiger, lady bug, and hummingbird are also great tattoo designs.

Tribal tattoo designs are normally not complicated, so you can design your own tattoo. Such tattoos normally use plenty of black ink and the advantage is that they fade less in comparison to other colors. Tribal designs have a great appeal visually, with their patterns interlocking beautifully, and are usually located on the upper arm, the back and the lower back. The lower back is a great place for women to get done small tribal designs.

The disadvantage of tribal designs is that the black ink does not lend itself to removal, and neither can you cover them up with different designs. However, these are very popular designs and are used by both men and women.

The military tattoos, with the logos of the various arms of the armed forces, are more popular with the serving personnel and with men, in general.

Egyptian tattoo designs have been taken from their ancient religious art. The ancient Egyptian priestesses and princesses were known to get tattoos designed on their bodies. Today, the famous Ankh is a much used tattoo design along with hieroglyphic based designs.

Tattoos On The Lower Back

With celebrities, especially the women, taking to tattoos, they on the lower back have become very popular. They look sexy and are very stylish with jeans worn low on the hips. They lend themselves to a very cute and girly image. Today around a fourth of the total American population has, at least one tattoo and from among these 20% of the women have them on their lower back.

Thanks to the celebrities, mostly all the teens have a tattoo on their lower back. The reason why the lower back is a popular place to have a tattoo is that there is a lot of smooth space. Tribal tattoo designs look very attractive and can be either small in size or as big as you would like to have them.

Here are hands full of celebrities, among a host of others, who have lower back tribal tattoo designs, among other designs:

* Angelina Jolie – a tribal, a Bengal tiger and a dragon

* AAliyah – a dove

* Victoria Beckham – five stars

* Britney Spears – a fairy

* Geri Halliwell, the Spice Girl – a black panther

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