Lower Back Tattoo Designs

By | June 21, 2013

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Sexy lower back tattoo designs are popular with strong and adventurous girls.


Lower back tattoos can certainly be beautiful as well as sexy, especially on ladies.

It’s not surprising that 20 percent of females with tats within the age range of 18 to 40 have one on their lower back.

It’s hard to beat the look of an amazing and one of a kind tattoo peeking out from the contour of a woman’s lower back.

An Excellent Place for Unique and Sexy Tattoo Designs

 The lower back is a fantastic spot to place special as well as naughty tattoo designs since they can easily be shown depending on the type of clothing someone chooses to wear.

Alternatively, the tattoo can also be carefully hidden by clothes if the woman chooses not to display it.


The lower back is also a part of the body which usually does not change significantly with age and weight variations.

It is really an incredibly feminine and attractive location for women who wish to boost their image and appearance.

Popular Lower Back Tattoo Designs

There are lots of patterns on the market which would look wonderful on lower backs. It all depends on the look that a lady wants.

If you would like a tattoo that shows a smooth and sexy style, the following are a few layout ideas that you may possibly consider to get that exclusive lower back tattoo design that will be ideal for you.

  • A Coiling Snake – symbolic of the interior strength and energy in which some folks think is possessed by the lower back. Typically the reptile is chosen as a symbol of femininity. 
  • Traditional Tribal Design – this really is probably the most widely used variation that ladies choose for their lower backs. Also known as tramp signs over the lower back; tribal styles are oftenCelticPolynesian or any additional spectacular tribal layout coming from all over the world. 
  • Lotus Flower – one more example of femininity, divinity and also success carried out over the years.Additionally, it is regarded as a symbol associated with sunlight together with the artistic energy that a woman has.
  • Dragon – this can be an alternative icon involving intrinsic energythat might look clean and attractive since the design seems to jump out of the lower back.
  • Dolphins – a dolphin tattoo design is fantastic for a woman’s lower-back and would certainly look very hot mainly because it adjusts to the shape and curves of the lower back

Your lower back is a superb and outstanding spot where great looking tats can be placed.

Specifically ambitious women who really want to transform their appearance directly into something striking and exciting will use a one of a kind lower back tattoo design.

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