Lower Back Tribal Tattoos – Choosing A Tattoo For Your Lower Back

By | January 12, 2014

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Whatever the size you want your tattoo to be, there is no doubt that the best body part to get them inked is your lower back. Your lower back is not only a huge canvas that can accommodate a large and wonderful tattoo; moreover it is an appealing spot to ensure that your body art will boldly represent your convictions and belief in the most efficient way.

Low cut jeans and bikinis make these tattoos especially popular with the ladies. While easily concealed on formal occasions or at the office, lower back tattoos are also easily displayed in less formal settings. Pictograms and floral designs are popular for these tattoos. Few men chose lower back tattoos, choosing to place their tattoos on the upper back. Women wear clothing that may show an upper back tattoo when they would prefer it not be visible which makes the lower back their ideal location.
The size of the area allows a great deal of flexibility in the design.
Popular designs include floral designs, celtic knotwork, picture designs with people or animals, and occasionally tribal art. Tribal art, with its bold black lines tends to be more popular with men than women. You can choose a tattoo for just the center of the back, or one that goes from hip to hip. Many lower back tattoos are triangular in shape.
For animal imageries, dolphins are quite the favorite because they appear to be really cute in the lower back. Butterflies are also eye-catching animal tattoo designs. The most common tribal designs in the lower back are Celtic styles, stars and sun.

More adventurous people on the other hand, go for dragon designs to show their daring and courageous nature. Hearts, roses and fairies with wings are also in style options for tattoos usually placed in the lower back.
In addition to being easily displayed or covered, the lower back is often chosen as the location for a tattoo by women because of its sex appeal. Men often find a woman’s hips or buttocks to be sexually attractive, and a lower back tattoo calls attention to those areas. Men who have tattoos on the lower back generally extend them well above the waist, while women keep them below the waist.
If you are considering a lower back tattoo, avoid trendy designs or names. The tattoo will be there even when your current boyfriend is not. Classic designs never go out of style and won’t lead to embarrassing questions. Tattoos are permanent and will be with you for the rest of your life.
Tattoos are created with needles that penetrate your skin and for that reason, they carry a risk of infection. It is important that you care for your tattoo for about a week after it is applied. Your tattoo artist will tell you how to clean and dress your tattoo and with lower back tattoos, you may need someone to help you since it is an awkward area to reach by yourself.
Deciding on the right design can be difficult. Visit Internet tattoo websites and local tattoo artists and take you time in making your decision. After all you have a lifetime to live with your tattoo, make sure your tattoo is something you can love now and forever.

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