Meaningful Tattoos for Women

By | December 27, 2013

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Tattoos are like stories – they’re symbolic of the important moments in your life. Sitting down, talking about where you got each tattoo and what it symbolizes, is really beautiful. – Pamela Anderson

Nowadays, people do a variety of things to look unique from the rest. They spend loads of money to be considered fashionable and cool. One of the most popular trend of being stylish is wearing attractive tattoos. Some people just do it for style, whereas other do have a certain tattoo meaning related to their body art. There are people who might have lost a loved one in the past and have a tattoo done in their memory. Some may even make beautiful tattoos suitable for couples, on the occasion of their engagement or marriage. Others may wear tattoos displaying their support for a specific cause or just a feeling. Similarly, different tattoos can be worn for different purposes and portraying certain messages. Women also, prefer to wear meaningful tattoos appropriate to their gender.

Many women do wear tattoos to show specific messages. There are many kinds of tattoo designs and styles intended to be worn exclusively by the fairer sex. Girls generally prefer to wear small tattoos on their forearms, legs, behind the ear, stomach, upper and lower back, behind the neck, below the neck, sides of the hip, and such places. Large tattoos covering much of the body are usually worn for style, whereas small tattoos are worn for a meaning.

Calligraphy and Quote Tattoos

Calligraphy is considered one of the best styles for making tattoos, due to its beauty and attractiveness. Women can think about making calligraphy tattoos of a short quote that they strongly believe in, a name of a beloved one, or any tattoo lettering. It can even be a Bible verse which they like. You can choose from a wide range of fonts, styles, themes, and colors. However, these kinds of tattoos are normally done in the conventional black or blue ink.

Flower Tattoos

Flower tattoos are popular owing to the meaning they are related to. Those thinking of a rose tattoo should know that a red rose portrays love and respect, a white one relates to purity, and a pink rose shows grace. On the other hand, a lotus tattoo may show aspects such as a strong relationship, prosperity, a new life, etc. A white lily depicts innocence, whereas a pink one is concerned with wealth and a good life. Likewise, there are many flowers that can be used as tattoos, and whose meanings can be different. Women also choose to sport flower tattoos as they would want to show off their femininity.

Fairy, Butterfly, and Star Tattoos

Fairy, butterfly, and star tattoos may have different meanings related to them. Typically, fairy tattoos for women are believed to be symbols of childhood, innocence, and being closer to God. Butterfly tattoos are again mostly used by girls who want to show their soft feminine side. These wonderful colorful tattoos also give a picture of beauty, grace, changes in life, and freedom. There are several different ways in which star tattoos can be made. It is a belief that a star tattoo is linked with safety, finding the correct guidance, or even love. Small meaningful tattoos for women can certainly be made out of star and butterfly tattoos.

For a woman, one tattoo may be related to a specific thing, whereas the same tattoo may not mean the same for another woman. Those searching for meaningful tattoo ideas should note that tattoos can simply mean what they are made for.

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