Medusa Tattoo

By | September 29, 2013

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Medusa tattoo will not be automatically a tattoo design as an undamaged flower tattoo designs.


The particular scary tattoo design associated with Gorgon’s head at the same time is supposed to be part of frightening group.

Many of these medusa designs show the most well known of three monstrous siblings known as Euryale, Stheno and Medusa.

Medusa tattoo seems to be certainly frightening because gorgon’s entire body is actually covered with glistening area and the hair is made up of active kind of snakes.

The actual beast can also have malleable metallic hands or arm sharp alloy nails at the fingertips. This particular detailed description is considered to be given by a historical Greek poet named Hesiod as part of his poetry associated with Teogonia (Origin of Goddesses and Gods).


Medusa was the only from the three sibling that could die. However it was not necessarily really simple to be able to destroy her since Medusa look brings loss of life to absolutely everyone who might look at her.

From Greek mythology Medusa could transform any human into rock only by a look to anyone who looks at her eyes. That is the reason why Perseus was able to cut off Medusa head simply by making use of his shield like a reflection avoiding taking a look at her.

Additional, this particular story says that the magic flying horse Pegasus was created from the headless rest of mythical beast Medusa.


Certain common myths reveal the fact that afterwards Medusa’s head appeared to be shown on Goddess Athena’s shield to represent careful attention and also fear.

A few other stories, on the other hand, suggest that the Gorgon appeared to be a gorgeous young lady having stunning wild hair, however at the time she started to do a comparison of her attractiveness together with godless then Medusa has been punished.

The girl’s curly hair changed into snakes and also glance at her gained the capability to change men and women directly into rock.

Medusa influenced through Ancient Greek mythology will be spectacular to enjoy. These Medusa tattoo designs bring to mind quite mixed emotions.


Any tattoo designs are a lot than eye-catching they suggest some sort of vibrant character from the individual wearing them, even if Medusa’s frightening visual appeal could make people don’t like such severe tattoo designs.

At the same time early Greek classic vase artists and also relief carvers presented Medusa along with her siblings like creatures born associated with shockingly hideous or frightful form, artist sculptors and painters from the 5th century started to imagine Medusa being gorgeous and horrifying.

Medusa tattoo definitely is a symbol of the complexity of life along with complications in love.

Individuals who pick a medusa tattoo design is often impatient and clearly show to the world that they can many things simultaneously.

They will often have issue with their love partners as they possibly can have several lovers practically at the very same time period.

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