Megan Fox Gets Passionate Tattoo in Honor of Co-Star Mickey Rourke

By | January 5, 2014

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Megan Fox ‘s new tattoo is in honor of her co-star Mickey Rourke, according to the celebrity website, Mail Online. The two just finished filming the movie, Passion Play, and Megan has a new found love for the gruff big hearted actor. The tattoo appears over her rib cage and it is a quote by little known poet Angela Monet. “Those who danced were thought to be insane by those who could not hear the music,” is what Megan’s tattoo says.

Megan Fox has declared that she loves Mickey Rourke “to death”, but before everyone starts thinking it is a May- December relationship happening here, Megan appears to think of Rourke as a father figure or big brother. The 24 year old actress has a bond with her 57 year old co-star and they talk about things like family and kids.

“Rourke would make a terrific father”, Megan Fox says about Rourke in her interview that reveals her new inked tattoo. Fox could not say enough kind things about her co-star and feels that they have a great bond.

Mickey Rourke has been portrayed as the tough guy in his early movie roles. The Pope of Greenwich Village and Nine and a Half Weeks, are just two of the movies he played the role of the bad boy persona. It is ironic to hear the word, “sweet”, that Megan Fox uses to describe Mickey Rourke because most of his portrayals had him appearing as anything but. Megan is talking about the real life Mickey Rourke that she has grown to known and love. It is great to see such a bond between two co-stars without it being a scandal of a much older man and a young women.

See Pictures of Megan Fox’s Tattoo Honoring Her Co-Star Mickey Rourke

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