Mexican Skull Tattoo

By | October 17, 2013

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Mexican skull tattoo designs are very noticeable because they use quite distinct symbols like the Mexican national flag and religious designs.


In keeping with Mexican tradition, these types of tats often represent Gods as well as the strengths which they represent.

The belief is that everyone is made with a God in them that their personality and behavior are based on and this inspires many Mexican tattoos designs.

One of the most recognized patterns used in Mexican tattoos is definitely the Mexican skull tattoo.

As it is an unisex creation it can be incorporated into almost any layout.

There are many other themes used in Mexican tattoo layouts as they look extremely appealing in blended creative layouts.

You can pick Gothic styles similar to the tree tattoos, or perhaps wildlife such as the bald eagle.


An original flame pattern mixed with a skull design can look amazing if done properly.

A simple skull tattoo layout looks great in shades of black and grey shade; once it is combined with additional tribal creations or full-colored body art like sugar skull art are preferred.

Mexican tattoos are great on the backshoulder, or as a full sleeve on your arm.


The styles are not as nice if tattooed in smaller areas so I would recommend the upper back, shoulder or arm if you would like to get Mexican skull tats.

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