Mexican Tattoo

By | June 26, 2013

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Mexican tattoo heritage “pride” are very rapidly gaining popularity at the moment within Arizona, Texas, New Mexico, Southern California and Nevada.


Most in the tattoo business expect to see this tendency continue, particularly since there are lots of Latino tattoo parlors launching and, consequently, there are numerous Hispanic tattoo artists right now.

One more exciting factor is that, according to recent surveys, it was determined that 35% more of Mexican Americans are opt to have tattoos compared to non-Mexican Americans.

This is certainly important from a statistical perspective, and much more so as most of us observe the Hispanic-population is increasing in numbers and strength.

These types of elements are actually the reason why we observe a lot more Mexican-heritage tats lately. However, what kind of body art are Latinos getting?

The most common are actually religious crosses and Catholic Christian icons, then names.


Latinos are an extremely proud portion of American society and the needling market is conscious of benefitting from this.

Please bear in mind that some Mexican tattoos contain coded messages; make sure that you are fully aware of what they represent so that you are not making unintentional statements.

Mexican body art on criminals has its very own significance with respect to prison-related references.

Mexican tats have been used for a very long time among prisoners to associate themselves with certain gangs inside or outside of jail and are unquestionably a source of pride for most.

Be sure that you know what you are doing because if you are seen sporting an unauthorized Mexican gang tattoo the real gang family members assume the right to remove it from your skin.

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