Miley Cyrus Tattoo Pictures and Photos Controversial Again?

By | December 31, 2013

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Miley Cyrus tattoo pictures and photos are once again the hot topic of the day. The 18 year old singer was sporting the new tattoo in pictures and photos published by X17 here. Not just that, but another interesting twist reveals Miley Cyrus is a smoker of cigarettes.

Is this “can’t be tamed” singer destined for a wild coming of age next two or three years? It appears Miley Cyrus is doing her “own thing”..whether or not her fans approve or disapprove. Miley Cyrus is definitely her own person–and she apparently likes body art. The Miley Cyrus tattoo pictures and photos shouldn’t be a complete shock to anyone–considering Miley Cyrus already has at least one more tattoo on her body. According to US Magazine, that Miley Cyrus tattoo read “just breathe” and it appears just above her chest. In fact, those Miley Cyrus tattoo pics and photos made news in December of last year when she was wearing a pink bikini while on a trip in Miami. To view those Miley Cyrus bikini pictures and photos, click here for the story and pics.

So is Miley Cyrus destined to look like an NBA basketball player before all is said and done? Will she look more like Jesse James than Sandra Bullock? Maybe two tattoos will be enough for the singer and former Disney actress. One thing is for sure, Miley Cyrus seems intent on moving away from her teen image as “Hannah Montana” on the Disney Channel.

While tattoos don’t always equate to being grown up, Miley certainly is moving in a different direction than what her younger fans might have been accustomed to. Maybe Miley Cyrus is sending a message that she “can’t be tamed” as she matures. Will she continue to add tattoos? Only time will tell but there seems to be very little indication that her the recent Miley Cyrus tattoo pictures and photos will be the last of such images to be released.

Perhaps she’s on a mission to explore her creative side with body ink. Maybe she’s a two tattoo and done kind of girl? Miley certainly has the money to remove any such tattoos if need be in the future because of her singing and acting career. It will be interesting to see how she which path she takes in the future in terms of body art. It seems like some who start can’t get enough ink and continue to add to the personal collection. The jury is still out on Miley considering it’s just her second obvious tattoo. For now, tattoo fans must be intrigued to get a better look at the most recent Miley Cyrus tattoo pictures and photos.

As for her smoking cigarettes? Is that a surprise that Miley Cyrus smokes cigarettes? It’s hard to determine with one picture if she is a habitual smoker or just an ocassional puffer. It could be a very strong habit or something Miley just toys with every once in a while. It’s hard to tell from just a few pictures what lifestyle someone is living. I think we’d all hate to be completely judged by one picture or photo.The bottom line is Miley Cyrus has a life of her own to live and she gets to make those choices. Whether we like them or not-that’s not for us to truly decide.

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