Mole Removal at Home

By | February 17, 2014

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Moles are a type of skin disorder and are a common occurrence among many people. A mole can be defined as an overgrowth of skin cells called melanocytes. Moles can develop anywhere on the body. On certain parts like the cheeks, they are considered to be a beauty spot. But their development on some parts is undesirable as they might not only look awkward, but also create discomfort for the person. The only option in this scenario is to remove the mole. Well, today there are many treatments and surgeries for removing a mole. It is believed that mole removal at home is not possible, and it should only be dealt with by a skin specialist. However, I beg to differ as there are a few remedies available to remove moles at home too.

How to Remove Moles at Home

Here are some home-based mole removal remedies that are helpful to completely remove the mole without any after-marks.

Facial Mole Removal: The face is the most common concern for beauty conscious people. I have come across several people wondering how to remove face moles? Most of them opt for surgeries as they want the mole to disappear quickly and think it is the only way out. But let me tell you that facial mole removal can be done even at home. The procedure is very simple. Add some raw honey to a mixture of finely ground flaxseed and flaxseed oil. Apply this mixture daily on the mole area. This would soften the mole and you would be able to uproot it eventually.

Skin Mole Removal: Removing skin moles at home also is not a difficult task. In fact, you have a lot of home remedies for it. Take your pick:

  • Pineapple juice is found to be useful for the removal of moles on the skin. For this, prepare some fresh pineapple juice and apply it everyday on the skin where the mole is. You need to follow this procedure till the time the moles are totally removed from the skin.
  • Another effective remedy for mole remova is to apply cauliflower juice to the mole. Doing it everyday can prove useful and eradicate the mole completely.
  • A paste of castor oil mixed with baking soda applied on the mole area before going to bed can also be a good option for skin mole removal.
  • Mole removal cream also can be an effective remedy for the removal of moles. The directions of the usage and the amount to be applied are usually mentioned on the pack. Therefore, you can refer to it while using the cream.

Precautions to be Taken

No matter how easy and safe home mole removal remedies appear to be, there are some things to be remembered before opting for them. They are:

  • Take care that you do not use harsh creams or remedies on the delicate skin of very young children. There are chances of skin rash in such cases.
  • It should be noted that natural mole removal or home mole removal are slow processes and therefore they might take many days to take proper effect. So you need to have patience while opting for such remedies and follow them regularly for best results.
  • Get a mole removal cream prescribed by a skin specialist. Avoid using it without a prescription.
  • Don’t ever think of simply cutting off a mole. It will not only bleed badly but also leave an ugly scar on the skin. This short-cut method can also lead to a serious infection.

These were some natural remedies for mole removal at home. Although at a slower rate, natural remedies generally work and also the side effects of such remedies are rare. The above mentioned mole removal remedy methods should normally work. But in case the results are not visible within a reasonable time frame, I would advise you to seek proper consultation with a skin specialist and know the appropriate remedy suitable for your specific problem and skin type.

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