Mum and Dad Tattoos

By | July 10, 2013

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by awes lambe
(Mumbai, Maharatstra,India)

I got these tattoo few years ago before loosing my parents from a car crash.

The lettering used is very similar how my hand writing mom

I it took may be about two hours for both hands.

It was pretty painful if I will know that the pain will be so intense I will probably not do it there.

Habib is a good friend of mine he as his own small tattoo place at Mumbai he is a good tattoo artist.

Pierre Reply:

One of my tattoo artist friend told me that’s not so easy to tattoo on the side of the hands like what you get and many time few years later it might start to fade faster than other part because of that area that is more in the water and more in contact with table or tools used for manually work.

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