Music Note Tattoos and Other Musician Favorites

By | February 17, 2014

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Whether it’s part of the rebellious image or a part of their larger penchant for artistic self-expression, musicians have long been associated with some of the most intricate and boldest tattoos around. Music note tattoos, tattoos of instruments and artwork that commemorates particular successes or pieces of music have been perennial favorites among this subculture. Most musicians sport tattoos that rather reflect the genre with which they’re most associated. This means that a lot of black, skulls and other cutting-edge symbolism is usually found on the hard rockers and that the hip-hop crowd tends toward ornate lettering and other characteristic symbols of urban culture.

Most musicians opt to get tattooed in areas where the artwork will be easily visible when they’re on stage. For those who play instruments, this usually means the arms. As crowds are naturally drawn toward watching the body movements of a performer, this is generally a very logical place to locate one’s most significant artwork and a good way to show off those tattoos, and not only music note tattoos,

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