My Red Dragon Tattoo

By | February 18, 2014

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by Mary
(Chicago, IL)

Shoulder Blade Dragon Tattoo

Shoulder Blade Dragon Tattoo

It took me a long time to have my first tattoo.

Around a year ago I began considering that can be nice to get tattoo. I desired some symbolic representation connected with my character and freedom.

I started out searching for illustrations or photos on the web related to wonderland art which were just like the kind I dreamed of, but I simply could not come across anything that I could love.

In conclusion I chose to get a dragon and get an artist to color it red just like the one I initially dreamed of.

I don’t know concerning folks that have actually high tolerances, but without a doubt, it HURT. It was terrible I just could handle not to scream or yell and even cry, however it required all my concentration not to flinch.

The complete process needed almost 3 hours (when I wear low pants the top inch or so shows).

I really don’t believe I’m going to get other tattoo anytime very soon, considering the fact that I don’t have any significant ideas of tattoo to put on for now – but in general this has been a fantastic experience.

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