My Smackdown vs Raw 2010: Roster,Attires,Matches,Features?

By | February 2, 2014

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Raw:Randy Orton-97 (Green Shirt & Green Trunks)

John Cena-95 (Green) H,L,R,

Triple H-94 (Current)

Batista-93 (Red)

Shawn Micheals-92(WM 25)

Mark Henry-90 (WSM Red)

Big Show-89 (Night Of Champions)

Jack Swagger-86(Current)

Kofi Kingston-84 (Green w Jacket n Pants)


Ted Dibiase-82(Legacy Red)

The Miz-80(Anti-Cena)

Evan Bourne-80(black n white)

Chris Masters-79-(Return 2009)

Cody Rhodes-77(Legacy Black)


Carilto-74(Blue Heel)

Chavo Gurrero-73(Current)

Primo-70(Single wrest.)


Jamie Noble-70(Current)

All Divas Current Attires

Raw Divas: Mickie James 80


Beth Phoenix- 77

Gail Kim-75

Kelly Kelly-70

Rosa Mendes-68

Alicia Fox-65

Raw Champions: WWE Champion Randy Orton

U.S. Cham.: Kofi Kingston

Unifed Ha Cham.:Big Show

Divas Cham.:Mickie James

ECW Roster: Christian-90(Night Of Champions)

Vladmir Kozlov-88(Red)

Tommy Dreamer-86(Night Of Champions)

Shelton Benjamin- 85(Gold Standard)

Ezekiel Jackson- 84(Red)


Grergory Helms-81(The Hurricane)

William Regal-80ing Of The Ring 09)


Paul Burchill-76(Current)

Zach Ryder-74(Woo Woo Woo)

Tyler Reks-71(Current)

Yoshi Tastu-70(Current)

Tommy Dreamer-ECW Champion

All Current Attires

ECW Divas

Brea Bella-65

Nicki Bella-63

Smackdown Roster:Undertaker-96(Current)

Edge-94(The Bash)

Chris Jericho-93(Save Me)

John Morrison-91(Current w Jacket)

CM Punk-90(Night Of Champions)

Jeff Hardy-89(Current w Face Paint)

Rey Mysterio-88-(Night Of Champions)

Matt Hardy-86(Heel WM 25)


The Great Khali-82(Face Attire)

R-Truth-80-(Was Up Attire)

Dolph Zigger-78-(Current)

Mike Knox-76(Current)

Tyson Kidd-74-Current)



David Hart Smith-70(Current)

Jimmy Wang Yang-70(Current)

Slam Master J-69(New Attire)

Charlie Hass-70*Current)

All Current Divas Attires

WWE Divas:Melina-75

Michelle McCool-73




World Heavyweight Champion : Jeff Hardy

Intercontinental Champion : Rey Mysterio

Women's Champion : Michelle McCool

Unified WWE Tag Team Champion : Chris Jericho


Battle Royal

Beat the Clock Match

Blindfold Match

Bra and Panties Match

Buried Alive Match

Casket Match

Flag on a Pole

I Quit Match

King of the Ring

Lumberjack Match

Punjabi Prison Match

Stretcher Match

Survivor Series

3 Stages Of Hell


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Yeah…your rosters are awesome plus randy orton's overall rocks…..but i dont think he'd wear green trunks though it would be golden or blue but any way great ideas:)

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