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By | February 11, 2014

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India is well known in the entries world for its herbal wealth. These may not be harmful in themselves, but they certainly add to the confusion about henna, because their labeling implies that they are made of natural henna. We offer best quality Natural Henna with high medicinal value and more natural methods of hair care.
Natural Heena:
Natural Heena is a Shurb, Henna plants have different coloring properties, Henna is considered mandatory in a wedding; Indian and Pakistani wedding is generally known to be incomplete without mehndi. It is grows up in dry climate, but Henna is popular for it’s natural values of coloring & cooling effect and pleasant fragrance. The leaves are harvested dried and made into powder, and natural henna products, mixed by hand and often utilizing organic ingredients. Henna is never black. It imparts red to brown stain which will last from 5-10 days approximately.

Henna is used for Body Decoration:
Henna is used for tattos. natural or black henna is safe for health, The best-quality, purest henna for dyeing hair is body-art quality henna. its temporary popping up everywhere, They have recently grown in popularity as a safe, non-permanent alternative to “real,” permanent tattoos which can only be removed by an extensive medical process.Now-a-days, Tattooing the name of your partner on your body is a rage among lovers. This is a clear-cut declaration of undying love. Few celebrities who tattooed their partners name on their body. Henna tattoo is the best way to experiment with one’s style and look to add glamor.This add to their significance as a fashion trend.
Henna Powder Comes in Different entries:
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