Neck Tattoos – Are They a Good Idea For Your Life?

By | February 8, 2014

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Before you decide to partake in the world of neck tattoos, take some time to answer a few basic questions that will guide you toward the perfect tattoo for your life, now and in the future.

lettering on neck tattoo

1. Why do you want a neck tattoo?

There is a motivation for literally everything you do in life. Often we don’t consciously process these motivations before we act, but getting neck tattoos should be a conscious decision that is fully thought out. This is not the kind of spur-of-the-moment body change that most people want to wake up to after a night of drinking!

If you really want to make a statement to others, then it makes sense for you to really think this through before going ahead with it. The only really good person to get a neck tattoo for is you. You shouldn’t get a tattoo to impress someone else. It should be something you want to do, and something that you have decided is good for your body and the life you are going to lead.

2. Could neck tattoos impact your future goals or dreams?

This is an interesting question. Neck tattoos are quite difficult to cover up, even if you get one that sits down near the collar bone. Think about your future goals in terms of your career, love life, and other personal dreams. Do you see this standing in your way of landing a job? Could this tattoo prevent you from being promoted? Could it infringe on your participation in sports or other activities that you really enjoy?

If you think a very prominent, noticeable design could interfere with your life goals then consider getting a smaller one placed in a location of the neck that can be hidden. For instance, if you are concerned about you tattoo interfering with a job interview in the future and you have long hair, then placing a tattoo on the back of the neck where your hair can cover it might be the best option.

3. Are you trying to make a specific statement with this tattoo?

If you have something you are trying to say, or a feeling that you want to evoke, seriously consider a design or possibly a symbol that represents that idea or feeling for you. The only design limitation with neck tattoos is the size of the area and the curved nature of the human neck. You should choose your design or sketch your own to ensure it comes out exactly as you envision it right now.

4. Lastly, do you have access to a well trained, professional artist?

It goes without saying that the neck is not the place for an amateur tattoo. We compromise on a lot of things in life, but body art should not be one of them. You have to be very confident not only with your chosen design and colors, but also with your chosen artist as well. If you don’t know an artist’s work firsthand, then make sure to ask for samples of previous neck tattoos that they personally have done. The proof is in their past work, and the reviews of their clients. Finding a tested professional should be an absolute prerequisite in your search.

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