Neck Tattoos

By | January 21, 2014

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Tattooing has gained extreme popularity in recent days. Though tattoos originated as a form of personal identification, these days they are used to make unique fashion statements. They have become some of the hottest methods of self expression. This unique body art has captivated people all over the world since each of the tattoo design has mystical history and meaning related to it. Placing the tattoo in the correct place is an important factor in tattooing. Some people like to expose their tattoo while some like to keep it private. Before knowing some of the tattoo designs that can be carved on the neck, let us know more about neck tattoos.

Tattoos on the Neck

A neck tattoo is a tattoo that is carved anywhere on the neck area, below the chin, below the ears or even on the nape. Some people also like to get a tattoo that wraps the neck to form a chain-like pattern. Tattoos that are drawn along the nape can be easily hidden with outfits or hair, but those below the chin or to the sides of neck are easily visible. Thus, these tattoos are versatile in nature and you can place the one depending on your choice. Since the neck is a small body part, the tattoos carved on this area are generally small in size. These tattoos can look quite impressive.

Many of the companies do not hire employees with visible tattoos on their body. Since neck tattoos are easily visible, they are also called “job blockers”. Thus, you need to first decide whether you really want to have a permanent tattoo that can pose harm to your job or career. One more important fact related to tattoos on the neck, is the pain. Neck tattoos are amongst some of the most painful tattoos, since the neck area is a very sensitive and delicate. Moreover, one needs to take special care during the healing process. Since the neck is a high movement area, the tattoos take longer time to heal as compared to other tattoos. So, if you have finally decided to have a neck tattoo, then take a look at some design ideas given below.

Neck Tattoo Design Ideas

As mentioned earlier, tattoo designs used for sculpting a neck tattoo are generally small in size. Given below is a list of tattoo designs that can be used for neck tattoos.

Flower Tattoos:

Flower tattoos make some of the best neck tattoos for girls. Girls usually like to get a tattoo on the back of the neck, since they can easily expose them or hide them with their hair. Flower tattoos on the neck look very sensual and elegant since they are among some of great feminine tattoo designs.

Heart Tattoos: Heart tattoos are known for their versatile nature since they allow you to express various emotions depending on the way the heart tattoo is carved. Sacred heart tattoo, broken heart tattoo, heart tattoo with wings, banner heart tattoo, etc. are some of the popular designs. These tattoos being small in size make some of the best tattoos that can be carved on neck.

Tribal Tattoos: Tribal tattoos, being bold and aggressive in nature, are some of the best neck tattoos for guys. Tribal tattoos are known for their symmetric patterns, thus one can go for two similar tribal tattoo designs on both sides of the neck or just on the nape.

Tattoos on the neck are quite eye-catching and they certainly make you take a second look. If you want to get a wonderful tattoo on your neck, then make sure you have done a good research for all the information related to it. The pain and efforts to get a neck tattoo are quite worth, since the end result is magnificent. Happy Tattooing!

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