New Instructional Hair Art Designs DVD, 90 Minute Featuring Step-by-Step Design Haircuts

By | January 3, 2014

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Dallas, TX (PRWEB) December 6, 2008

“Shops & Salons NETWORK” presents “Hair Art Designs Training DVD #1 Basic Tools and Techniques”. A sample of the Hair Art Designs DVD is featured on YouTube at This DVD will introduce a new hair cutting and hair styling technique and trend called Hair Art Designs. Hair Art is the art of cutting, shaving or molding symbols, images and pictures into hair. All the tips and techniques used for creating the hair art is taught in this easy to understand DVD.

Mr. Ronnie Mac (Mr. Mac), producer of this DVD and owner of “Shops & Salons NETWORK”, is the leading practitioner of Hair Art with over 20 years of experience. This DVD was created, produced, and features Mr. Mac himself and his amazing Hair Art Designs. With his skills he makes every Hair Art Design haircut a work of art.

“Hair Art Designs Training DVD #1 Basic Tools and Techniques” is available to order for only $29.95 by visiting or customers can call in to order at (800) 406-7711. Ordering this high quality DVD is an investment and will not only increase skill level but is guaranteed to increase income by enabling the average barber to offer more than just the usual hair cuts to their customers. A barber can easily charge anywhere from $5 – $50 in addition to the regular cost of the haircut to each customer which is at least a 50% increase in revenues in most cases. The instructions are easy to understand whether followed by the average mother or father at home, by the barber who has never attempted cutting hair art designs, or by the barber who is well versed in hair art and just wants to check out different techniques.

Mr. Mac explains in depth which tools such as clippers, blades, brushes, and much more to provide the optimal environment for a successful Hair Art Design haircutting experience. Clipper cutting stroke techniques are explained and expanded on to teach the results for each Hair Art Design. Mr. Mac even provides a dual lesson of cutting the exact same design on two completely different grades of hair/ethnicity taught simultaneously.

Hair Art Designs are now being used as advertisements by corporate and name brand companies as “Walking, Talking Billboard” or “Company Cuts. By empowering more barbers and stylists with the skills to produce Hair Art Designs, Mr. Mac believes the industry for advertising through Hair Art will literally start a movement in merging the barber and beauty industry with the advertising industry. History shows that advertising has found its way into so many venues by joining forces with different industries such as television, radio, movies theaters, newspapers, and the list is endless. It only seems inevitable for it to integrate with the barber and beauty industry.

This DVD is just the first of a collection of Instructional DVD's that will be coming off the “Shops and Salons NETWORK's” Line of Barber and Beauty Products. For a limited time, a $5.00 coupon will be included in every DVD purchased and can be used towards purchasing the next Instructional DVD in the Hair Art Designs Collection: “Hair Art Designs Training DVD #2 Designer Parts” and “Hair Art Designs Training DVD #3 Hair Art Designs. Customers and spectators should stay tuned for announcements of additional new Hair Art Designs products such as Hair Art Stencils, Hair Art Pencils, Hair Art Clippers, and much more which will be available at

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