New Veet(R) ‘BLADELESS RAZOR’ Hair Removal Kit Makes Shaving With Blades a Ritual of the Past for Women; ‘Hair Removal Monologues’ Comedy Event Launches Innovative Product That Leaves Skin Smoother up to Twice as Long as Conventional Blade Shaving.

By | February 15, 2014

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PARSIPPANY, N.J., April 14 /PRNewswire/ — Razors are history for

women, thanks to a revolutionary new blade-free shaving system from

Veet(R), the world’s leading women’s hair removal expert.

Building on 80 years of innovation, the Veet(R) Bladeless Razor(TM) Kit

redefines women’s hair removal through the combination of a unique

fast-acting gel cream and a specially designed BLADELESS RAZOR tool.

The “razor” is a comfortable, ergonomic tool with a firm,

bladeless head that allows women to swiftly and easily remove the

dissolved hair from legs, underarms or bikini line The “Bikini line” refers to the exposed skin of female humans at the boundary of bikini style undergarments, both along the lower abdomen and between the legs. Women commonly shave or depilate their bikini line to remove pubic hair from this area. . Together, the two

elements of the Veet Bladeless Razor Kit eliminate unwanted hair, while

leaving skin smoother up to twice as long as traditional shaving with a


“Women have told us they want a hair removal method

that’s more convenient, but still safe and satisfying,” said

Christin Lambert, Senior Brand Manager, Personal Care, Reckitt

Benckiser Reckitt Benckiser plc is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of cleaning products and a member of the FTSE 100 Index of the largest companies traded on the London Stock Exchange. It is headquartered in the town of Slough just to the west of Greater London. . “For years, every razor — even the recent

‘women’s razors’ — have all worked on the same premise:

drawing a sharp metal blade across the skin to cut hair at the surface.

The new Veet Bladeless Razor Kit is designed for women who are tired of

the prickly stubble that can go hand-in-hand with shaving. The result

is a smoother feeling that lasts days longer.”

She added, “Our continuous innovations in the hair removal

category reinforce our commitment to bringing women greater choice and

convenience for effective at-home hair removal.”

“Hair Removal Monologues”

To herald this major innovation in women’s hair removal, Veet

is bringing together four rising female comedians to share their

hilarious stories of hair removal rituals of the past. The “Hair

Removal Monologues” will debut today at 12 noon ET at the legendary

New York City New York City:

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