Nicole Richie Tattoos

By | May 22, 2013

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Nicole Richie tattoos are surely next to Angelina Jolie at the top inked celebrity tattoos, Nicole Richie is absolutely no unfamiliar person to the tattooing.


Even if Paris Hilton as well as her friend Nicole Richie are probably better recognized for sporting high-priced creator clothing collection along with precious jewelry, the second is actually building her very own style assertion simply by being tattooed.

The star isn’t going to get any kind of skull tattoo designs or simply representations showing gang connection, but she actually is a solid rebel, experiencing controlled her very own drug addiction’s difficulties.

Quick Biography

Nicole Camille Richie born on September 21, 1981, is the adopted little princess of famous performer Lionel Richie and his awesome spouse Brenda Harvey-Richie.

Her birth mom was a behind the scenes worker for Lionel, and her birth dad was his percussionist. Raised by both Lionel and Brenda since Nicole was three years old, she had been legitimately adopted when she was nine years old.

Listing of Nicole Richie Tattoos

As outlined by the majority of reviews, Nicole seems to have nine and a half tattoo designs. Below is a listing of her visible tattoo designs: Rosary on Her Ankle and Foot

Almost certainly Nicole most well-known tattoo design, motivating young ladies throughout the country, the particular rosary tattoo layout over Nicole’s left foot and ankle states her own religious foundation, despite the fact that most folks probably would not talk about Richie as being the perfect Christian.

Her rosary beads surround the ankle, which has a Christian cross visible heading around the top level of the left foot, and approximately almost half way to her toes. The actual cross is very well precise.

Angel Wings on the Upper Back

Significantly more than the “good Religious girl” impression that Nicole might be attempting to show (opposing her rebel, terrible young lady look that can be seen inside the newspapers every once in awhile), the young rich and famous has a set of angel wing tattoos situated between her shoulders. Both are really small and seem that they are shaded orange or faded red.

The word “Richie” and a Ribbon tattooed on Her Neck

At the highest spinal area of the neck, Nicole has her family name “Richie” written with old English font.

Just above this tattoo design you can see a red bow and ribbon, which happens to be most of the time invisible because of her blonde long hair quite possibly showing it as to express that she actually is a “gift”.

A Pretty Tiara

Nicole Richie tattoos include a tiara tattooed on her left side hip, certainly not a spider as some people did occasionally announced.

Red Shooting Star Tattoo

Situated on the within Nicole’s right wrist has got tattooed a tiny red shooting star matching star tattoos from the two of her dearest pals: Quincy Jones’ girl Kidada along with the good pop star Aaliyah.

Virgin Tattoo

One of the Nicole Richie Tattoos is on the left inside wrist, she gets the text “Virgin” inked due to the fact that her zodiac sign is Virgo.

Ballerina Slippers

Her father Lionel composed a piece of music for her in relation to ballerina dancer slippers many years ago when Nicole was child. To honor that tune she enjoyed the slippers inked on her belly.


Her last tattoo is a cross found on her lower back.

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