Old School Tattoos

By | June 5, 2013

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Old school tattoos are the types of designs and styles that have been used for a long time for needling.


Also called (“Old Skool” or “Classic”) describes the Traditional western American tattoo design layout highlighting strong, blue-black out lines, generally filled up with solid green and red almost never using extras of light blue, light brown, yellowish or crimson; and also designed with so small or no shading at all.

Norman Keith Collins, also called “Sailor Jerry”, (1911-1973) is without a doubt the most recognized traditional tattoo artists ever.

You can find lots of tattoo artists who continue to focus on this form of body art.

Typically the old school designs are generally very simple layouts having striking outlines.

Among them generally are several army or marine designs, hearts, pinup girls and various patterns using “ribbons” encircling a slogan, nicknames,names or perhaps just a specific date.


Quite a lot of current skull body art continues to be viewed as Old SchoolTats because of their bold and easy patterns.

Shade as well as skillfullness within the completely new school tattoo when compared to old school tattoo is obvious.

It can be quite hard in some cases to differentiate the newest design and style simply due to the fact that what is apparently innovative type needling can often be also viewed as neo-traditional.

The particular outlines of differentiation concerning neo-traditional and consequently new school inking usually are very subjective.

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