Orchid Tattoo Designs

By | June 3, 2013

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Orchid tattoo designs are incredibly loved by the young adult currently.


Orchid tats are a symbol of femininity and are generally tattooed on feet or arms.

Consequently prior going with orchid body art and their particular symbolism, let’s examine precisely how orchids led to specific tattoo design.

Orchid tattoo designs are very popular with young adults at the moment.

The orchid is an amazing flower which represents beauty, elegance and success.

This particular flower tattoo design is actually an expression of purity in ladies.

On the other hand, orchid tattoo design symbolizes holiness along with energy in males.

Orchid tattoo layout interpretation goes much beyond the concept of the actual flower!

Various kinds of orchids are distinctively symbolic.

The term orchid, originates from Greek “orchis”.

In Asia, orchids are actually linked to the “Ideal Male”.

The orchid is kind of flower is known as the Flower of Attractiveness for its scent and elegance.

It’s typical for tattoo fans to have these kinds of tats inked on distinct areas of their body such as the feet, arms, upper back, shoulders or belly.

The renowned Cattleyas is certainly among the famous types of orchids used as a design representing love.

Girls love to get orchid tats on their feet since the sophisticated orchids will be amazing on that location.

Believe it or not, the feet are an ideal spot for flower tattoo layouts.

Orchid tattoos are mainly tattooed in vivid shades.

Any pink shaded orchid floral layout looks great on light skin colors while individuals with darker complexions should go for distinctive tones of red or brown.

A bold solid black color orchid tattoo design highlighting the feet is very eye-catching.

An orchid design will be gorgeous on the side of the arm.

Orchid designs in white and pink colors are considered attractive and makes them sought-after tattoos for females.

Young guys opt to have the sides of their arm(s) inked in a mixture of black and reddish which represents energy.

A black colored orchid inked on your shoulder will look stunning and is by far one of the great tattoo ideas for guys.

They provide you with an awesome look and show off that hip side of yourpersonality.

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