Overcoming Even Die Hard Objections, Tattoos Move from Taboo to Terrific as Industry Experts TattooJohnny.com Helps Millions Get the Perfect Tattoo

By | February 19, 2014

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Atlanta, GA (PRWEB) May 2, 2007

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For so many years, the thought of a permanently tattooing a picture on their body scared people more than a trip to the dentist or the tax office. Fears based on the spread of diseases such as HIV, AIDS, and Hepatitis coupled with the social taboos associated with tattoo shops kept many from exploring the incredible artwork of talented tattoo designers. Until now, according to Mark Nelson of TattooJohnny.com, the most trafficked tattoo design website in history, “it is simply all about providing customers with the information that they need to pick a great design and get a tattoo that they will love. If they know that they have apart in the decision beyond what design they want, then they are more comfortable and get better results.”

Now that every celebrity sports a perfectly executed and designed tattoo, it is even more important for potential customers to participate in the process of getting a tattoo by examining all options and finding a qualified tattooist. By addressing the secret fear of getting a bad tattoo that most potential customers never admit aloud, TattooJohnny.com is bringing a new level of control and affirmation to the tattoo industry with knowledgeable articles on subjects like getting a great tattoo, how to receive the perfect tattoo, best tips for faster healing, and what design is best if you are seeking a certain type of design (like crosses, horoscope signs, military emblems, and many more). By going the extra mile, TattooJohnny.com allows customers to collect designs on a wish list for later comparison, provides top quality stencils with color designs, and downloadable temporary tattoo designs so customers can “test drive” their tattoo on their skin before applying.

While exhibiting the most comprehensive collection of tattoo artwork by over 150 of the most talented tattoo artist from around the world in the business today, the exclusive designs collected by TattooJohnny.com have shown up on many famous bodies. In business since early 2002, TattooJohnny.com attends industry shows and events spreading about the steps necessary to receive a safe tattoo from an experienced professional. “If we could get out one message it would be to research the person give you the tattoo. Ask people you trust who have tattoos. Check the person and studio out before letting them put one drop of ink on your skin. You deserve something you will love forever and you are in complete control of that outcome,” states Nelson.

About TattooJohnny.com

Striving to insure a successful experience for each person, TattooJohnny.com provides advice and information on “getting the perfect tattoo”, “what to expect getting your first tattoo”, and tattoo test drives. For more information, please visit their website at http://www.tattoojohnny.com.

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