Pagan/Wiccan Pentacle

By | November 20, 2013

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A pentacle tattoo has always held a special meaning to me my entire life, so, it only made sense that when I became a male witch that I had it tattooed on my body.

This took about an hour, and I had it done at Rockin’ Willy’s in East Stroudsburg, PA.

No pain at all.

Pierre Reply:

Cool tattoo very simple and well done I love it.

Despite the fact that generally there are not any fixed measures to Wicca, it will be usually regarded as a Neopagan religious beliefs which often blends the praise associated with nature together with magical concept.

Certain historians say Wiccan activities tend to be an extension involving witchcraft, but because participants have to be initiated within the particular faith and consequently are invited to help keep silent regarding activities, Wicca continues to be engulfed around sense of mystery.

This definitely shows the approach a bit of its style and even attractiveness.

Absolutely no controversy regarding Wiccan tattoo designs could possibly be accomplish without the need of referring to the actual symbolism from the pentagram.

Typically the pentagram, from time to time called a pentacle, is a 5 pointed star, generally wrapped within a ring.

The 5 tips are supposed to characterize the conventional 4 elements of air, fire,water and earth , and then the non-traditional 5th element of soul.

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