Patio Designs

By | January 31, 2014

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Patios are nothing but paved outdoor areas adjoining a residence, which can be compared with the decks, however a patio is always more formal than a deck. Here are some interesting patio ideas that will ensure you a place where you can enjoy your early morning breakfast or curl up as you watch the beautiful sunset colors in the sky until the sky turns jet-black and lights up with a million shining stars. Patio designs need not be approved by an upscale designer or crafted by a landscaping specialist, you can create a beautiful one all by yourself.

Unique Patio Designs

Do not restrict yourself while you design your patio. This is your own space and you are free to deck it up and furnish it in a way that you would love. Think of your own requirements and work on the place accordingly. Think about the kind of activities you want to do in your patio, think of the patio as a place to reflect your personality, your hobbies and interests. Think about the number of people you would be having in this area, so that you can arrange for the seating accordingly. As for the various themes and designs, you can take a pick from the numerous ideas listed below:

Artistic Strokes

Well if you are an artist and want to turn your patio into an art area, then this is the idea for you. You can indulge in your favorite art like sketching, painting or even sculpting. Make sure your patio has a shelter to protect the area from extreme weather conditions. Adorn the walls with your favorite paintings. You can add multistoried racks to hold your paintbrushes, thinners, colors, oils, pencils, sculpting tools or any other equipment required for your art work. Make sure there is enough seating space for people who would just like to enjoy sitting in this artistic haven and watch you work.

Music Lovers’ Haven

If you are an avid music lover, then this is an idea, which will help you create a space for your music. If you are fond of any particular musical instruments that you play like a piano, flute or even a guitar, you can incorporate these in your patio. If you are particularly interesting a specific genre of music, then you can add elements of that music style to your patio. For example if you like jazz music, incorporate jazz music in your patio d├ęcor. Add posters of jazz musicians to decorate the place and so on. You can even have a cool speaker system to ensure you can relax in your patio area listening to your favorite music.

Verdant Verandah

If you are looking for a patio design that allows you to create a cool tropical place for you to surround yourself with verdant surroundings as the cool breeze flows around you carrying the fragrances of nature, then this is the patio design for you. Put out some comfortable chairs and may be even a table, which is good for outdoors. Plant all sorts of trees around the patio area and also incorporate some potted varieties in the patio area. To make things livelier, add a freshwater fountain, or a pond to the patio area. Use some fragrant flowers in and around the area as well.

Foodie’s Fantasy

If you are the ultimate foodies, then you can display your passion for food with this patio design. Turn your patio into a snack and drink parlor, equipped with a barbecue grill and a small refrigerator. If you want to go a step further, have your very own bar in the patio area, equipped with a drink mixer, cocktail flavors, liquor bottles and of course some cool glasses. You can have a snack bar, which is equipped with some chips and dips and all the condiments. So the next time you have friends coming over, you can just take them to your patio and have a great time with some delicious grilled delicacies and chilled beverages!

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