Perfect mixture for a henna night; Mehndi temporary tattoos are catching on in fashion-conscious Britain. Fashion & Lifestyle Editor Carole Ann Rice meets a new breed of body artist.

By | January 31, 2014

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We’re all going native in the urban jungle For the episode from the TV series Danny Phantom with the same name see Urban Jungle (Danny Phantom)

Urban Jungle is an educational computer game published in Croatia by Autoklub Rijeka and DIR. . With tattoos,

eyebrow studs, nose rings and lip jewellery downtown Moseley looks more

like a Masai village complete with warriors of body art on every street

corner. It used to be a love heart or anchor onthe forearm to denote

your allegiances, tattooing and body furniture is now a complex language

of pseudo-Celtic mysticism, esoteric hieroglyphics and a host of British

bulldogs and Disney characters to mark your individuality.

At one time a single earring denoted a wild, gypsy streak but now a

pierced navel, neck or nose is not to be sniffed at. We are each of us

walking, talking, pierced, tucked, nipped and peroxided works of art

only limited by our own imaginations and nerve .

Our blatant exhibitionism exhibitionism

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