Phoenix Tattoo Tribal

By | June 24, 2013

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I decided to get this tattoo after my friend passed away.

It is a phoenix.

Phoenix birds reincarnate themselves from ash when they die.

I thought that was suiting.

It took about an hour to finish.

And this was my 6th tattoo, so I was already used to the feel of tattoos, but when it went over my bone, it tingled a bit.

I got this tattoo in OKC, OK by an artist named Lazlow.

He had done a couple of my other tattoos.

Pierre Reply:

Its not easy when we loose friends keeping their memories is important I love your idea of a phoenix blended in tribal tattoo design very tastfull.

Here is for your friend.

French author Voltaire thus described the phoenix:

“It was of the size of an eagle, but its eyes were as mild and tender as those of the eagle are fierce and threatening.

Its beak was the color of a rose, and seemed to resemble, in some measure, the beautiful mouth of Formosante.

It’s neck resembled all the colors of the rainbow, but more brilliant and lively.

A thousand shades of gold glistened on its plumage.

It’s feet seemed a mixture of purple and silver…”

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